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Jameson Releases Debut Album PURSUIT March 31st

The long awaited PURSUIT album will be out in just a few weeks. This is the first album Jameson will be putting together as a solo work, and the first that he has produced. The music is already on sale for pre-order on iTunes and worldwide. His original single and music video for "Pull Me In" were released November, and will be apart of the 7 song collection on the EP. Jameson looks forward to hearing what everyone thinks, especially his students.

Watch and listen to "Pull Me In" here:

This project began a year and a half ago when Jameson moved to Los Angeles to further pursue his music career, and to demonstrate to his students that actions speak louder than words. "I want to be a teacher who can really speak from the heart to their students and know what they mean because they've lived it. That knowledge will make a much bigger impact for my students in the long run, even if it is tough news to hear sometimes. If I'm going to encourage my students to do their very best and follow their dreams every day, and expect that they will listen, then I've got to do the very same." You can learn more about the upcoming PURSUIT album at Follow Jameson on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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