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The Voice: Audition and Submission

The Tabor Studio is teaming up with Linda Anderson of LA Singing to offer this awesome workshop this coming weekend.

Prepare and submit your audition for NBC's hit show, The Voice! Think you have what it takes and have always wanted to tryout for a show like The Voice? Professional Voice Coaches Jameson Tabor (The Tabor Studio) and Linda Anderson (LA Singing, American Idol Top 24 Coach) are teaming up to offer you the feedback and critique you need on your material, plus will help you actually record and submit your audition tape for The Voice. By auditioning through us, you have the opportunity to bypass an entire step of the audition process and book a private audition with the Producers when they are in Portland this June. This is a two day course, and you are required to attend both sessions for the submission*:

Please bring and prepare 2 songs to be sung over karaoke tracks (if possible, please bring 1-2 backup songs, too) which you think best showcase your vocal abilities, your range, your personality and your preference of musical genre. Dress appropriately to represent your style and brand.

You will receive valuable feedback on your performance and voice, and receive coaching on the best way to showcase yourself for the audition. We will also provide you with information about the audition process and ways to get noticed and take your musical career to the next level. (Our videographer, Michael J. Nipper, will attend the second workshop when we will record video and audio for your audition.)

Spots are limited to 8 due to our desire to keep coaching personalized, and to limit the demand of our video editing, so sign up quickly! Tickets are available online at: *We reserve the right not to submit your material on our behalf should we find it unrepresentative of our own work as coaches. Attendance at both dates will give you the opportunity to receive our feedback and make changes accordingly for a better audition video.

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