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Access The Tabor Studio online anytime from anywhere in the world! 

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At The Tabor Studio we've been coaching artists since 2013, offering both individualized private lessons and group sessions to performers of all levels.


Student Reviews

"Firstly, Jameson is not a voice teacher for money.  I do not know anyone who genuinely loves music and singing more than him.  Jameson's passion for performing is evident from the moment you meet him.  His rates are very reasonable considering the top-notch quality of the lessons.  He focuses on the fundamentals of releasing your authentic voice rather than specialized techniques to mimic other performers.  He listens carefully to your thoughts and feelings throughout each lesson, adjusting accordingly.  He challenges you to express how your body is working with your vocals after each try so that you are able to be aware of your voice outside of lessons as well.  He ensures that the lesson is fun and fast-paced so that you can feel great strides in vocal improvement with each time.

Thanks to Jameson, my voice has been freed.  I sing strongly, with control, and with passion any chance I get.  The confidence Jameson has given me in my singing voice is quite honestly, priceless."

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Pearson Kunz

"Jameson Tabor is one of the most unique, talented and driven people I have ever met - and it shows in his work. His passion for music and for teaching is absolutely unmatched.


During my two years studying with Jameson what stuck out to me the most was how much he cared. He went above and beyond to provide what I needed as a student and to creatively help me achieve my goals. He is extremely reliable, trustworthy, and professional.


The Tabor Studio has the heart and soul that so many other coaches lack. I am beyond thankful to have had the chance to meet and to work with Jameson Tabor."

Kelsey Bentz

"I have nothing but positive things to say about Jameson! He is an incredible teacher in every way, and he will prove that to you in the first five minutes of your lesson!


He is greatly invested in his students and has even gone out of his way to inform me about numerous upcoming auditions and events!


I would recommend Jameson to everyone! He is perfect for students of any age and any skill level. He has an extensive knowledge of music, provides a very comfortable vibe in his studio, and has helped me gain more confidence in myself than I could have on my own. I would not be where I am today if it wasn't for Jameson!"

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Jade Tate

"Jameson Tabor spent the first fifteen minutes dissecting the vocal instrument in a way that was understandable and insightful. He has totally improved my understanding and commanding my voice. Love this guy."

James Dixon

"Before Jameson, I had tried out a few other vocal coaches that worked for semi large companies. These vocal coaches only focused on making each individual song sound good, but didn’t actually help me improve my voice at all. This wasn’t what I was looking for. However, my first lesson with Jameson was eye opening. I remember on the very first day he got me to come out of my shell and make my voice do things it hadn’t done before! I remember being amazed at the vocal range that Jameson helped me uncover and the different ways to help give my breath support; allowing my vocal chords to resonate smoothly and on key. Not only did he give me coaching in both pop and classical, but he gave me confidence in my voice and many opportunities to showcase what I had learned.

Other than the concerts that Jameson sets up himself, he also gave me an opportunity to try out for The Voice. This experience was one of a kind! It was a several day experience where me and a select few other people came to the Tabor Studio and worked on our songs together with multiple coaches to critique our voices so that we would improve for the following day when we actually got to professionally record the songs that we practiced to send to the voice! In addition to this, Jameson helped me place top 10 in the final for Portland Teen Idol, which hosted a few hundred singers. All in all, I regret nothing about my relationship with Jameson. If someone was looking for a vocal coach, Jameson Tabor would be the first person that I would point to."

Tristan Herrera

"I absolutely love working with Jameson. The greatest skill I've gained from his lessons is confidence in my voice. I feel that he really wants to get to know me, my voice, and my goals in singing. 


I primarily went to him for help on musical theater auditions, and after working with him, I've began getting more callbacks. He coached me on my singing, as well as how to be more expressive in my singing.


His energy and enthusiasm makes me comfortable to try things like belting higher or attempting riffs, expanding my skills as a singer. In lessons, Jameson combines professional training and technique with personal tips, making each lesson more effective and memorable.


His enthusiasm makes every lesson both fun and worthwhile. His critiques are always paired with genuine encouragement. For new or experienced singers, Jameson has valuable insight."

Madeleine Smith

"Jameson is incredible. During my junior year of high school, I was not selected for the All State Choir and it devastated me. Jameson was a fairly new vocal teacher in the area and was so accommodating to me when I reached out.


Under his guidance, I was able to further my confidence as a singer and a performer. Jameson's focused optimism really drove me to push myself.


I am so thankful for him and I would recommend him to any student who is ready for the 'next step' but isn't quite sure where to go."

Isaiah Rosales

"The Tabor Studio was an extremely positive experience for me, it brought me out of my shell and encouraged me to join other choirs and to try other musical instruments during and after my time with this company. Jameson is very patient and has had amazing success with his own music career and uses his experiences to inspire and educate during lessons. Lessons were super affordable and productive for me and I learned so much.... Truly was an amazing life experience."

Amber Kotvis
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