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Scheduling and Rates



The Tabor Studio currently offers lessons in Voice, Acting, and Piano Monday thru Thursday from 12pm - 8pm.  Scheduling is done by individual appointment and/or on a consistent weekly basis.  Weekly lessons are recommended to ensure that students retain the material, and have enough time to apply concepts and skills as they rehearse on their own time.  




Out of respect for others who wish to schedule, we ask that folks provide us with at least 24 hours notice when cancelling, unless there is an absolute emergency.  In the event that a student must cancel within the 24 hour period, they will be required to pay for the lesson in full at their earliest convenience.  If payment has not been made within a week of the missed lesson, we will contact you and/or send you an invoice. Of coures, we are reasonable people.  We just ask that you value the time of others. Likewise, we will ensure that lessons take place as planned to the best of our abilities, and we will provide you with significant notice via text or email if there are any scheduling changes.





Payment must be received prior to the start of every lesson (checks made payable to The Tabor Studio).  You may pay for several lessons in advance, or set up automatic payments.  For more information, please email us here.


More info about lessons:





Acting coaching can take on a number of shapes and forms, due to its reliance on the personality and physicality of the individual.  We utilize a collaboration of acting methods from Meisner to Stanislavski to give actors the best tools to choose from.  It is crucial for each student to learn their own strengths, weaknesses, fears, and tendencies in order to better understand the role and reality that is required of them.  We should reiterate that the studio is a safe space for all actors to explore their thoughts, and discover themselves.  This does mean actors will have to do unusual and seemingly uncomfortable activities to break-through their inner emotional barriers. It is important that we develop a sense of trust for this work to take place, so we ask that these sessions remain private (for kids, parents are not invited to attend).  These are always purposeful exercises that prepare you for your work.


Coaching can be geared towards monologues, scene work, improv, or songs through various exercises that engage the mind and challenge the actor to understand the material more deeply.  Often, students coach material which will later be used for auditions, or applied into production by another director, but work can also be done to gain a sense of security or experience with a certain character.  We expect that all actors will come prepared and memorized to make the best use of their time.  If you would like advice or assistance in this department, we are happy to help.


Frequently, a session will begin with a brief physical, vocal and emotional warm-up that encourages calmness and awareness, as well as a certain emotional engagement.  Then, we will utilize physical and emotional exercises as they apply to the material.  Many times we engage actors in conversation about their character, the given circumstances, and their objectives.  Often, we will block, or even re-block a scene as needed to provide clarity in the performance.  We may end up completely reimagining the monologue/scene!  Ultimately, the goal is to create realness and comfortability.


Because of the individual nature of acting coaching, it is extremely helpful for me to obtain the material ahead of time for the lesson. I hope to work with students several times before their performance as there can be much to do, and so that they have ample time to let the work we do in our lesson sink in.  Students are also invited to perform any materials they have prepared at The Tabor Studio Concerts.



Piano students study a wide variety of musical styles, including but not limited to classical, jazz, blues, pop, rock, and musical theater.  Pianists all study from the technique and warmup book "A Dozen A Day," which is highly revered for providing its students flexibility and musicality, through a fun all-inclusive look at music that progresses gradually with the student's skill level.  Students also use Faber & Faber's lesson book series which applies technique work into is a wonderful array of song styles.  This book is also accompanied by a sight-reading book which correlates to the song for the week.  For beginners, we start with the basics of reading and writing music through Schaum's "Notespeller" book.  All students learn the basics of chord study, music theory, and aural training.  Pianists are often required to learn and sing on solfege syllables while they play, too.  Learning these technical skills is very important to understanding music as a whole. However, I place an incredible emphasis on expression and the use of dynamics to lift the music off the page and into the heart of the performer and listener.


The student then selects a song of their choice to study, memorize and later perform at The Tabor Studio Concerts.  All students are encouraged to learn some classical piano.


I am happy to take on pianists of all ages and all levels, so long as they are capable of understanding that improvement comes from practice.  Usually this means students are age 10 and up.  They must agree to make time for it every day.  The best part is: All I ask for is 5 minutes a day!  Yes, that's it!  Knowing it is only 5 minutes makes it easy to get started and fit it into your day, and it's just enough time to keep the brain subconsciously developing your musical "muscle."

Still have MORE questions?


Q: How long are the lessons?

A: The typical lesson is 60 minutes, but we also offer lessons that are 30, 45 and 90 minutes long.  We suggest taking lessons once a week so that the material stays fresh, but you still have time to digest and practice the information.  Click here to get started!

Q: How often are lessons?

A: Lessons can be scheduled weekly, biweekly, monthly or even randomly. Check out our scheduling page for more information.


Q: Where are you located?

A: We are based in Los Angeles, CA, but lessons can be held around the world via Skype or FaceTime.

Q: What styles of music do you teach?

A: We will work with you on anything you want to learn, and have done almost everything you can think of!  Our specialties are pop, musical theater, gospel and classical.


Q: How long have you been teaching?

A: We opened in 2013.  Click here for more information about The Tabor Studio, and Instructor Bios.

Q: How do Skype Lessons work?

A: Aside from an internet connected device with a webcam, there isn't much else you should need.  We are very excited to offer this online lesson option to people remotely who aren't able to meet with us in person.  


Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: Venmo, Cash App, and mailed checks (so long as they arrive on time) are preferable payment, but we also accept credit cards through our Square® payment system online (Square® charges us a 2.75% for this service).  Payment is due in full before all lessons, or at the time of the lesson. You may message us to discuss other payment options.


Q: What’s your cancellation policy?

A: We require 24 hours notice when canceling or rescheduling a lesson, out of respect for our staff and other artists who wish to schedule.  Unless, of course, there is an emergency.  If you fail to show up for the lesson, you will be asked to pay for the lesson in full at your earliest convenience.  We will attempt to contact you and send you an invoice in the mail if we do not receive a payment within one week of the missed lesson.


Please feel free to email us if you have any other questions or concerns!  We are always happy to hear from you.

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