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Find your sound

Get individualized lessons based on your goals.


At The Tabor Studio, we meet you where you are and help you level up. 


From breath control and confidence building to audition prep and performance coaching for your next live gig, we can help you tackle new skills and break through any of your hidden fears.

Lessons are usually broken into two parts:


          • Technique work

          • Song Practice


Technique Work:

Singers develop a technical understanding of their voice as an instrument, learning the most authentic and productive type of singing for their voice.  The voice can be a challenging musical instrument to grasp, as it is virtually invisible, different sounding to others than to ourselves, and already used in our daily lives.  As such, each singer learns how to recognize the feelings and sensations in their mouth (jaw, tongue, soft palate) and abdomen, and how to maximize breath efficiency to create a fuller and more present sound. 


Using a collaborative approach that builds upon the basics of classical technique (expanded to include Alexander Technique, Body Mapping, Vowel Isolation, and Singing by Speaking Voice), we work to release tension in the body, while simultaneously finding a calm, focussed mind. 


Generally, we spend the first half of each lesson exploring and practicing simple phrases and exercises in order to create sustainable habits for this relaxed voice.  Advanced students will also explore melodic improvisation, ear-training, music theory, and more complicated riffs and runs at this time.


Song Practice:

We aim to help you grow as a singer while meeting the demands of every song you wish to sing.  Obviously, each song has its own unique challenges, so we will help you find the best way to fit your unique voice to each sonic landscape. 


The technique singers learn in the first half of their lessons is then applied to focussed song(s) of their choice, while we seek out the specific stylized sounds that each song requires.

You are welcome to bring in your own material, and we are also happy to assist you in selecting a song too.  Students have studied virtually every style of singing imaginable with us and often explore multiple genres.  From Pop to RnB, Rock, Musical Theater, or Classical, you name it--we have done it all!  We encourage those interested in musical theater to spend at least one lesson focussed on acting with us, as acting is a critical part of that performance medium.   Depending on your needs, we are also happy to throw the lesson plans aside that day and dive into audition prep, sight-singing practice or something completely different.  This is ultimately your time to explore and better understand your instrument (and yourself), so we want to help you do that in every possible way.

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Performance Opportunities:


All students are also invited to perform in our regularly scheduled The Tabor Studio Concerts.  We also frequently hear about auditions, workshops, discount classes, and other industry events and love to see our students take advantage of these opportunities that bring them closer to their goals.  These are the moments we have to celebrate all of the hard work you've put in towards your success!

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