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Music Production

Create worlds, establish the vibe

Understand the ins and outs of music production and what makes a song sound complete.

Every single song you've ever heard had to start somewhere.  Which means they all start as someone's simple, crazy, wild or complex idea.  Eventually through the songwriting process, the best ideas stick around and make their way onto the page.  Learn how to get started somewhere, how to keep going and free yourself from writers block, and how to bring a final product to fruition.  When the song is done, adn you are satisfied with the story you've told, we will create a musical demonstration of the song (demo) together that you can play for your friends, share on social media, and even pass onto a music producer to articulate your vision for an official release. 


The most important and hardest lesson to learn in songwriting is how to work through it.  The process is full of "bad ideas" or at least, the ones that don't suit your taste.  Learn to trust yourself, polish your creations, and shift your perspective as you manage your creative process.

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