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Studio is a time for all students to come and

observe, as well as perform for one another and

receive valuable feedback on the material they

are preparing in lessons.  I am present to provide

proper insight about technique and performance

practice, while other students are given the

opportunity to offer their own candid feedback

for their fellow performers, based upon the skills

and knowledge they have gained in their lessons.


Studio is an opportunity for students of all levels to showcase works in progress for their peers, and get to know one another better as performers. 



It is my firm belief that we can learn just as much about ourselves by observing others as we can from doing.  If we only pay attention--listen--we can see ourselves reflected back to us in a new form, and that is how we, artists, grow.


Secondly, performance and vulnerability is crucial for everyone to learn their own strengths and weaknesses.  It takes a willingness to be bold and abandon all fear in order to view our own flaws and progress on our individual journeys: together.  My hope is that Studio is an incredibly rich experience to take part in, and is a time for friendship and artistic collaboration in your busy week.



Studio is held on a weekly basis: every Saturday from 12-1pm at our normal location.  All students are encouraged to participate.  Performers are asked ahead of time to prepare their song, scene, or monologue for Studio.  Each performer will get 15-20 minutes on their material: to perform, to receive feedback, and then to workshop a few moments in the piece.  We will take turns each week with who performs, and who observes.


Studio is an expansion of our normal lesson offerings, and is totally FREE to any active students of all mediums and all levels.



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